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January 8, 2021

"Better today than I was yesterday. Better tomorrow than I am today."

Iconomic Network's story began a little less than a decade ago when Nodár Beghiyl made a conscious decision to alleviate herself of hesitation and doubt to pursue a long-gestating ambition. This new journey required new, daunting skills. And would take her into unfamiliar industries populated by strangers.

Thankfully, her determination and drive outweighed the many fears that crept into her thoughts. Without overthinking things, she threw herself headfirst into the world of high fashion, getting involved in a talent-scouting event for the modelling world's biggest brand - Elite.

Elite Model Look

Fast forward one year later, and Nodár is offered the Dutch license for Elite Model Look (the event referred to above). At that milestone, she could have taken her foot off the gas and switched on the Cruise Control. But her resolve to keep improving disqualified that option immediately. 

Realizing that EML was far more than a fashion talent-search event, Nodár saw her license as an opportunity to grow a brand with the potential to change the lives of human beings positively.

Over the next six years, she implements a strategy that profiles EML as the only model scouting event that mattered in The Netherlands; multiplies the number of attendees and media coverage; develops a holistic training program for its participants (placing equal emphasis on mental, physical, and emotional health as the ability to pose and work a catwalk); and docks in national and global corporate brands as partners of Elite's annual talent search.

Elite leads to Brilliant

In mid-2019, Nodár miraculously found the time to take on another major endeavour when she co-founds a networking society of high-powered women called Brilliant Ladies Business Club. Nodár's mastery at building a brand's profile sees BLBC host several flawlessly-executed events that put it on the radar of a specific echelon of women - those who, like Nodár, reject averageness and demand excellence of themselves.

Both EML and BLBC were going from strength to strength.

And then, 2020 arrived.

Pandemics & Introspection

As the Age of Covid forced almost every type of business to hit the brakes (including EML and BLBC), Nodár treated the forced pause as an opportunity to reflect on how she would continue on her journey of ever-improvement. This meditation conceived Iconomic Network - a platform that brings together all that she's learned and developed, and adds on a few additional elements that enable her to operate on an even higher level. Iconomic Network empowers her to better serve clients like EML and BLBC while providing her incredible talents to even more individuals and brands.

Applying that mantra of always getting better on an organizational level, Nodár has established a ever-evolving platform that provides a range of  solutions to help individuals and brands understand themselves better, build their identities powerfully, communicate their stories confidently, be more engaging on digital channels, and create more meaningful moments with their tribe. In short, become 'iconomic'.

Iconic < Iconomic > Economic

So what does 'iconomic' mean? It's enjoying both iconic status and economic success. One without the other is perfectly fine for many. But for the select few, having both is the only state of life that makes sense. Achieving and maintaining iconomic status demands one to constantly adapt, improve, evolve, and get better at all they do, daily. Doing that alone is possible. Having expert help makes it a lot easier. Hence, Nodár Beghiyl's Iconomic Network needed to show up and turn on the lights for those who have been waiting for it in the dark.

Nodar and fellow jury members at an EML 2019 casting

Author's note:

The IN Journal is a space that celebrates iconomic human beings, brands, products, moments, places, and all else that awakens the senses and inspires us to aim higher. As its editor, there was only one logical starting point - the story of Iconomic Network's founder.

Cheers to the life iconomic!


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