coming alive

A Spatial, physical experience that leaves an unforgettable, indelible mark


Live events are the most potent version of a brand experience.
To set the tone, pace & flavour of every detail in an event is a monumental opportunity.
Plugging into all senses of a human being triggers a fully immersive journey.
A precision-engineered event blows minds and plants permanent bridges.
When done right, a lifelong subscription to your tribe follows.


Our events are divided into four key components


We define the format of an event, driven by its purpose, audience, and desired outcome.

Planning & Production

Coordinating and managing all elements of the event, including location, suppliers, catering, entertainment, etc.

Marketing & Public Relations

Getting the right campaign communication to the target audience and the right media coverage when the moment arrives.


An audit to ascertain the good, great, & unforgettable moments & elements, which ensures the next event takes everything up a notch.

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