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Iconomic Network is fully committed to enhancing the human experience. iN human excellence is our division set-up to achieve this goal.

We focus on two specific groups of human beings: young talent especially suited for the fashion & entertainment sectors; and professionals ready to elevate themselves to achieve iconomic levels of success and satisfaction.

Elite Model Look

Iconomic Network is the official Dutch territory license owner of Elite Model Look, the world's #1 model search event.
Taking place across 60+ nations worldwide, this is the talent hunt that discovered Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz, Gisele Bündchen, Naomi Campbell, Lara Stone and many, many other superstars of the catwalk, print, and screen.

Apart from Elite, Iconomic Network also represents the following global talent management agencies in the Dutch market:

SUPREME Management

With a client roster made up of some of the most sought after models working today, Supreme Management’s focus is on discovering new talent and transforming them into working superstars.


The Society Model Management is the NYC division of Elite World. It represents individuals who collaborate with the most prestigious international brands in the world. The Society has various divisions including models, creatives and celebrities.

Women360 Management

W360 maintains a boutique culture by paying great attention to the development of established models and new faces. Focusing on deep relationships in high fashion with the most respected designers, photographers and magazines; these aspects lead their diverse selection of models to a career of longevity and success.

women management

Women Management is one of the most influential and trusted fashion talent agencies in the world. Celebrating inclusivity, diversity and empowerment, our teams continuously strive to provide exceptional management to our talents and outstanding service to our clients.

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Talent Development

Identifying potential is the start of the journey — the proverbial diamond in the rough needs polishing for the brilliance to shine.

We have a comprehensive program involving bootcamps, mental coaching, dietary training, mindfulness, and many more modules geared to create physical, psychological & emotional fortitude required to succeed. Be it on the catwalk or corporate corridor.

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Talent Management

iN PEOPLE is our talent management agency with a team of professionals focused solely on managing the careers of talent signed-up with us.

We train our talents to shine, get noticed, and get booked for fashion assignments that matter.

Our talents have gone on to sign for some of the world biggest modelling agencies. We are devoted to discovering the next Yasmin, Lara and Yfke.

Talent Protection

Being in the spotlight is alluring and seductive. But without a layer of protection from the negative impacts of fame and success, especially at an early age, the world of modelling poses risks.

The advent of social media creates the same effect but at scale, with thousands of youngsters desiring to attain the ‘influencer’ title on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. These teens and young adults are putting their mental (and sometimes physical) health on the line in the pursuit of likes, views and follows.

Our Talent Protection program reframes values and priorities to strike a more balanced existence, and develop the mental fortitude to take control of one’s life.

People IN Business

There are many business coaches for entrepreneurs and members of the corporate world. We at Iconomic Network are not one of those. 

Instead, we offer iNVESTED, a unique program tailor-made to support the driven

iNVESTED is especially beneficial to visionaries and leaders succeeding at the business game, yet experiencing a lack of fulfilment and even disenchantment with their professional success. The program takes the individual on a journey examining pivotal internal events that influence the overall experience of a moment. 

iNVESTED switches on the lights to help our clients see precisely why they do what they do in defining moments. And it empowers them to know that they have access and the right to make different choices. 
Be iconomic.

Iconomic Network's iNVESTED program is tailor-made to the unique and specific needs of each client.

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