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aN identity empowerment agency

We are here to serve the ones we lead.

Iconomic Network is a relationship-based organization, and Our output is identity empowering solutions.
We fulfil this mission through three main pillars of service:
1. human excellence
2. branding
3. events

Each service is engineered to create success - for those we serve and for us. 
While we do measure success in profits, equally critical is the measure of our positive impact on people and the planet. Iconomic Network's triple-bottom-line goals form a perfect compass that faithfully guides us to those we need to serve and how we can best serve them. 

Enjoying both iconic status and economic success is to be iconomic.
One without the other is perfectly fine for many. But for the select few, having both is their life of choice.
We're here to serve them.
Because we are them.

Our goal is to live the life iconomic together with you.
It's an excellent place to be.




We value integrity above all else. It's at the heart of who we are and how we work. And it's what we seek in the clients we serve.

Integrity expresses itself in incredible ways, for example, the ease at which trust is established between two parties. It encourages altruism. And informs the culture and fuels imagination.

Integrity breeds fulfilment and holistic success.



We don't fit in.
That foundation liberates the mind, body, and spirit. And in this free state of being, our best work is done.

We don't seek nor forge creativity. It simply exists in all of us, in different ways. The secret to our creative output is an uncanny ability to keep our egos in check, resulting in a fearlessness, openness, and charming weirdness.



Ever curious. Ever sharing. Ever learning. Ever improving.

Our gospel is comprised of just one sentence - this moment is an opportunity for greater fulfilment than the moment before. We offer various ways to adopt this mantra for successful living.

Each day for us is a transformation and expansion from the day before.



We worship beauty in its myriad shapes, forms and definitions. As a result, whenever we set our minds and tools to work, we have no choice but to create beautiful things.

When a story we write, a picture we take, a piece of advice we give, or a talent we nurture awakens the senses, causes an emotional reaction, and touches the heart, it's proof we've done beautiful work.

Guiding Principles


A conscious, mindful focus on minimizing our carbon footprint, energy use, waste, and pollution while maximizing natural resource conservation and cruelty-free practices - that is how we choose to operate as a business, brand, and band of human beings on a shared mission.

These operational targets are lofty but essential to ensure we stay on course to circular success.


The way we treat others reflects how we treat ourselves. What we desire of others inadvertently becomes our own destiny.
These guiding principles ensure we treat each other the way we ask to be treated by others and play in spaces where we find those who share our values.

Beyond our professional expertise and services, we are committed to developing an infrastructure to empower today's youth to become fulfilled human beings as they grow into tomorrow's leaders.


Maintaining our agency as we grow and evolve is of paramount importance to us. This informs every choice we make from the operating practices of the business, selection of staff, advisors and board members, the clients we take on, the way we fund ourselves, how we resolve conflicts, and how we remain above the board and transparent in everything we do.

We are aware of the pitfalls success can bring, hence have redefined the meaning of success to include the highest level of corporate governance to ensure we experience success at scale while remaining robust, healthy and responsible.

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