Iconomic NETWORK

We are a specialist organization dedicated to the business of icons. Our expertise lies in growing brands and people to the level of iconomic, our benchmark of enjoying iconic status alongside economic success.

Our modus operandi is to ensure the work we do results in holistic success, meaning our actions create a positive impact on business performance, people, and the planet.



Iconomic Branding is a boutique branding agency adding a unique and distinctive touch of luxury to your identity and communication. We shape digital touchpoints to connect your customer with your brand emotionally.

Iconomic Management protects brands in terms of image, profile, and reputation.
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Iconomic Agency scouts and develops iconic talents in the Netherlands. Operating since 2014, we are the next-generation talent agency representing models with voices, a powerful blend of beauty and purpose.
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Iconomic Chain transports your brand and business into the new digital dimensions like Metaverse, Web3 and Blockchain, enabling you to tap new commercial opportunities while becoming future-proofed for the next digital (r)evolution.
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We connect companies and individuals we work with through self-founded and -managed networks that fulfil our pledge to be an environmentally-conscious commercial enterprise leaving a positive social impact on human beings.
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Iconomic Academy advances knowledge and education of corporate and social leadership. We curate and develop masterclasses, workshops, seminars, and programs to meet changing global corporate governance standards.
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Join our Iconomic Team!
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